"Showstopping TOPS!" with ETI Envirotex- November 2017 FFFC®

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hey y'all! GUESS WHAT?! It's that time again! NEW MONTH, NEW FFFC®!

This month is sponsored by an amazing brand called ETI Envirotex. Here's some information about them:

"ETI has been in business since 1969. They were the resin trail blazers, which is why you always hear “it is similar to Envirotex Lite.” They were environmentalists before it was even popular. They created the formulation for superior, clear, waterproofing that others have tried to match."

This month's theme is "Showstopping TOPS!". I can't wait to see what all of ours hosts and participants have for us this month!

Speaking of our hosts...make sure you check them all out!

  Scottie | Christie | Jessica

I'd also LOVE to introduce to you this month's guest host, Sheri of Hazel & Gold Designs! She's kind of a resin ROCKSTAR! She'll be sharing an amazing inspiration post as well!

 Stay tuned to their blogs to see what they come up with, and stay tuned here to see what fun pieces our participants come with!

Here's a video on the product our bloggers will be featuring this month from ETI. It's called Envirotex Lite Pour Onand it's a High Gloss Resin.

Check out some of these awesome projects done with Envirotex Lite:


Who else is excited!?


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